PKBrown Woodworking


Pine Bench with Milk Paint

Here is a solid bench made from 3/4" pine boards and finished with a red milk paint. 

Solid Cherry Futon

Here is a solid black cherry futon. I use of mortise and tenon joints in the construction. It was finished in a clear stain follow by numerous coats of lacquer.

Mitt's Jewelry Box

Here is the first "Mitt's Jewelry Box" that I made. It is made from solid 1/2 black walnut, with spaltic maple drawer pulls and door slides. It was finished in a clear stain and wax.


Fence wood jewelry box

Here is a jewelry box that I made from a old wooden fence. I planned the wood down to a smooth finish. For the finish, I used a clear stain mixed with tung oil. The compartments are finished with maroon velvet.

Spaltic Maple Box

Here is a small box made from solid spaltic maple. I used the finger cut to construct the box. Finished with clear stain and tung oil.

3pc Picnic Table

This is a type of picnic table I grew up with. The benches are detached from the table. The wood I use is fir, for many years of use. This is only sold locally. 

Bird house

This is a ornamental birdhouse made from salvaged wood. This one is more for inside decorations then for actual use. It's made from salvage lumber, planned on one side keeping the gray petunia of the wood present.

Red Cedar & White Pine box

This was just for fun. A box made from red cedar and white pine. I used half blind dovetails and butt joints to construct this box. It's finished with a mixture of clear stain and tung oil

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