I use any of the following finishes depending on the project or at a customer’s request. After the sauce or stain has dried I then apply multiple coats of shellac, with a final application of bees wax.


  • Pickle Sauce: Pickle Sauce is a homemade mixture of galvanized nails soaked in white vinegar for a few days to a week. The solution is then liberally wiped onto the project and let dry. This gives the wood an aged, dark, almost black appearance with purple highlights.




  • Stain and Tung Oil: I believe that the stain pulls some of the Tung Oil into the wood when it is applied and left to dry. The Tung Oil mixes easily with the stain and does not alter the appearance of the stain. The Tung Oil is made from the nut of the Tung tree. Those allergic to nuts may be allergic to the odor of any product that uses this stain.




  • Shellac: Shellac has multiple uses, from a food glaze to a wood finish. Shellac is a natural product from India and Thailand. Before refinement, it starts as a resin produced from the lac bug. Shellac has been in use for over 2500 years.